Open Access Reimbursement Fund

The Schusterman Library's Open Access Reimbursement Fund is meant to encourage OU-Tulsa campus community research efforts and support open access authoring. Open access increases visibility, readership, and impact of an author's works, democratizing access across all institutions, regardless of size or budget. By sharing the financial commitment with campus departments, the burden on individual authors is reduced.

Applying for Funding

Complete and submit the application for Open Access Reimbursement Funding found at the end of this page. Please review all information provided on this page before applying for the fund. Requests for additional information can be directed to Applicants are encouraged to discuss eligibility with a librarian before submitting an application.

Who is Eligible?

Any current University of Oklahoma-Tulsa regular faculty member, post-doctoral researcher, staff member, or student author. Preference is given to authors who have not been previously funded. The author's academic department is expected to pay the entire fee; the Schusterman Library will reimburse the author’s department half of the fee up to $500 per fiscal year.

What is Eligible?

Articles: Article processing charges (APCs) or open access fees for scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in true open access journals. The journal must appear in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). All articles in open access journals are openly available upon publication. Articles published in journals with a hybrid or delayed OA model are not eligible through this fund. The journal must have a publicly available standard article fee schedule published and should have a policy to waive fees in case of economic hardship. Published works must be licensed with a Creative Commons license.

Books: Processing fees for scholarly, peer-reviewed books published open access. Publishers must be a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or adhere to its Code of Conduct. Published works must be licensed with a Creative Commons license.

Need assistance finding publications that meet these criteria? Set up a research consultation to get help from a librarian.


The fund is to support open access research articles or books created without grant/gift funding. Articles or books for which other publication funding is available will not be eligible.

The Schusterman Library will reimburse the author's academic department half of the fee up to $500 per year for publishing and processing fees, including open access pages charges. The Schusterman Library is unable to pay the fees directly. We can only provide reimbursement to an OU academic department. We are unable to reimburse payments made with a personal credit card, personal check, or similar form of personal payment, or from institutions other than OU.

Reimbursement is made after publication and proper documentation of payment of publication fees is received. Documentation must include proof of fee payment and a verifiable link to the open access version of the work.


Complete and submit the application for Open Access Reimbursement Funding at