Presentation Consults

Librarian assisting students

Presentation Consults offer free advice for members of the OU-Tulsa community who are seeking to improve their presentations. You can sign up for a presentation consult at

When you schedule a presentation consult, you will receive help from the Schusterman Library's presentation coaches. Presentation coaches are available to help with:

  • Topic selection
  • Researching appropriate data
  • Organizing and refining information
  • Outlining main points
  • Source citation
  • Presentation delivery
  • Visual aids (e.g. PowerPoint, graphics, posters, etc.)

Schedule an appointment at

What to Bring

Before you come to your appointment, here are some things you can bring to make it as efficient and helpful as possible:

  • Fill out this preparation worksheet prior to your consultation.
  • Bring your rough draft (including PowerPoint, Prezi, videos, etc.) Feel free to email everything to one of the coaches beforehand!
  • Any questions or concerns regarding your presentation (such as organization, visual aids, grammar, body language, tacking nerves).
  • Bring any applicable rubrics or guidelines.
  • Groups are welcome!
What to Expect

Presentation Consults offer personalized instruction to members of the OU-Tulsa community experiencing communication apprehension or "stage fright" as well as help with overall presentation design and organization. Presentation coaches work one-on-one or with groups from the initial brainstorming all the way through practice and delivering presentations.

Presentation Coaches

Emrys Moreau is a Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Schusterman Library. Dora Mensah is a Medical Librarian for the Schusterman Library. They will help you create creative and clear presentations!