Friends of Schusterman Library (FOSL)

Logo for Friends of the Schusterman Library showing an outline of the library building from the front view The Friends of Schusterman Library (FOSL) work as a problem-solving team to advise library leadership, develop and execute fundraising opportunities, and advocate on behalf of the library. FOSL is committed to supporting programming, resources, and innovations provided by the library to our campus and our community as well as promoting and championing the field of librarianship. 

We help students become scholars. - Mission of Schusterman Library at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

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FOSL Board Members List
  • Stewart Brower, Founding Board Director: 2022-present
  • Junie Janzen, Founding Board Member: 2022-present
  • Betsy Martens, Founding Board Member: 2022-present
  • Alyssa Migdalski, Founding Board Member: 2022-present
  • Andy Taylor, Founding Board Member: 2022-present
  • Erica Argyropoulos, Board Member: 2024-present
  • Lexi Brackett, Board Member: 2024-present
  • Jim Sluss, Board Member: 2024-present

Former Board Members

  • Julie Sluss, Founding Board Member: 2022-2023
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