Copyright can be confusing. There are a lot of gray areas, and different sources tell you different things.

The Library can help! You will find some links to discussions on common copyright questions below.

You can also consult a librarian if you have copyright questions. We are not lawyers and cannot offer a legal opinion on copyright, but we can help you try to understand the issues that you're facing, and point you to the appropriate resources for your problem.

OU Copyright Guidelines

Copyright & Reserves page (Norman)

Understand your rights as an author (Norman)    

Understand Open licenses  (Norman)                        

Copyright for instructors and students

Copyright and instructional use of copyrighted materials (Norman Provost)     

Exceptions for instructors in US Copyright Law   

Fair Use Evaluator                           

Copyright FAQ 

Copyright for Images

Legally using images                      

Copyright: Using Images (NYU) 

Creative commons search

Public Domain Image Resources