Online Workshop: Repetitive Tasks in R

This workshop on Wednesday, March 30th at 2:00-4:30 pm will be an active learning "code-along" overview of how to automate repetitive tasks while programming in R. 

After this workshop, you should know when and how to 

  • use loops to automate tasks 
  • use vectorized base or package functions to automate tasks 
  • write your own functions to automate tasks 

Please bring a computer with R and RStudio (suggested) installed. Prior experience coding in R is required. I.e., most of the code in lessons 1-4 in Data Carpentry with R or lessons 1 and 4-6 in Software Carpentry with R should be familiar to you. Complete novices to R should attend Data or Software Carpentry instead. The curriculum and code from past workshops are available online at

Zoom will provide for automated closed captions. The instructor will keep video on for lip-reading. Learners do not need to have video or microphone capabilities, though audio can aid troubleshooting for the code-along, as can learners’ ability to screen-share. The instructor will ask learners to respond frequently with Zoom reactions to ensure no learner is left behind. This workshop is online only and will not have a hybrid in-person option, but it will be offered as an in-person-only workshop in Fall 2022.  

Registration is required to receive Zoom link! 

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact Claire Curry,