Software Carpentry Online: Python Parts 1 & 2

Python is a popular language for scientific computing, and great for general-purpose programming as well. This is a beginner-level workshop for researchers presented by OU Libraries. Our workshops cover better practices for research, data, coding, and communication. No prior experience is needed (i.e. no prerequisites).

This is a two-part online workshop. Registration is required. 
Part 1 is April 8th at 9 am-12:30 pm / Part 2 is April 15th at 9 am-12:30 pm.

Topics covered:

  • Variables and Assignment

  • Data Types and Type Conversion

  • Built-in Functions and Help

  • Libraries

  • Reading Tabular Data into DataFrames and Pandas DataFrames

  • Plotting

  • Lists

  • For Loops

  • Conditionals

For these workshops, we will be using Jupyter Lab based in the cloud for accessing the working environments for Shell, Python and Git.Lesson.