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Plagiarism Information

Today’s students have unprecedented access to a wide range of information through the internet. This access offers many benefits for doing coursework and writing papers; however, it comes with its drawbacks. On the internet, students can effortlessly find pre-written content, copy and paste and use someone else’s words as their own. This, however, is plagiarism.

Here is a list of recommended resources to help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:

APA Template 6th Edition

Click the link provided to download the APA Template 6th Edition as a Microsoft Word document. Save the document to your PC or thumb drive.

This template complies with all the margin and heading requirements for an APA research paper so you don’t have to establish those items in your paper. Each time you open the template file, perform a Save As to save the file under a new name and preserve the template for future use.

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