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Exam Master OnLine

This link will direct you to a collection of video tutorials that highlight the features of Exam Master OnLine, a useful tool designed to help you prepare for your medical boards. Specific topics include creating and taking practice exams and understanding score reports. You will have to create a free account to access this resource. Click the "Not Registered Yet?" Link to get started.


This link will direct you to the following four videos that highlight the features of LexisNexis Academic: Overview, Selecting Sources, Working with Results, and Summaries & Headnotes.

Micromedex 2.0

Learn how to use Micromedex 2.0 to search for evidence-based drug summary information and drug consults by watching this tutorial video. Specific tools demonstrated include drug interaction, IV compatibility, drug identification, drug comparisons, toxicology, and Micromedex calculators. This video is approximately 16 minutes.

PubMed Tutorial


This is a guided tour of PubMed that demonstrates how to navigate the interface, use the MeSH vocabulary, and build searches. The tour also includes several video tutorials that focus on specific topics, such as combining MeSH terms and saving searches.

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