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Theses and Dissertations

Deposit your thesis or dissertation with the library and purchase personal bound copies.


Graduate students at OU-Tulsa who are required to complete a thesis or dissertation will have support from two departments on the OU-Tulsa campus, the Tulsa Graduate College and the Schusterman Library. The library's role in this process is to accept printed copies of the thesis or dissertation, prepare them for binding, arrange for students' personal copies to be bound, and to provide a copy of the thesis or dissertation to both Bizzell Library and our own collection.

The process of depositing a thesis or dissertation with the library

Students are responsible for following all instructions in the OU Graduate College's Thesis Instruction Packet or the Dissertation Instruction Packet.

The Tulsa Graduate College provides assistance to degree candidates throughout the thesis and dissertation process. Students should prepare the following documents in order to deposit their theses or dissertations:

  • 2 copies of the thesis or dissertation, one for Bizzell Library and one for the Schusterman Library. (There is no binding cost for either of these copies.)
  • Any additional personal copies the student wishes to have bound.  Payment must be made at the library for personal copies prior to binding. The binding process may take up to three months before they are returned to the library. Students will be notified upon the arrival of the bound copies.
  • 1 property sheet (provided by the Tulsa Graduate College).
  • 1 completed and signed "Master's Thesis Topic and Committee Membership" form for masters theses, or 1 "Entry Form for Dissertation Title on Student's Academic Record" for doctoral dissertations (provided by the Tulsa Graduate College).
  • Before the student deposits the manuscript with the library, he or she should complete all departmental and graduate college requirements through the Tulsa Graduate College.
  • Once the appropriate paperwork has been completed, the student should make an appointment with the Technical Services Librarian to bring the documents listed above to the library.

There is no charge for binding library copies of theses and dissertations.

Students who wish to have bound personal copies may purchase them through the library at $12.00 a copy plus tax. We send your personal copies for binding to an out-of-state bindery. As noted above, it may be as long as three months from the time you drop off your personal copies to the time the bound copies return. The Schusterman Library will contact you when your copies are ready to be picked up, so it is important that you provide an email address or phone number where you can be contacted at that time. The library is unable to mail personal copies of bound theses and dissertations, but graduates may make arrangements to have their thesis or dissertation copies picked up.

The Technical Services Librarian is responsible for the collection of theses and dissertations from OU-Tulsa students. Students wishing to deposit theses and dissertations should either call the library in advance or make an appointment to see the Technical Services Librarian to ensure timely processing of their manuscripts.

When the Schusterman Library collects theses and dissertations for students who complete their degrees at OU-Tulsa, the Technical Services Librarian will send one copy to Bizzell Memorial Library in Norman and retain one copy for our collection.

Please do not attempt to drop off your manuscript at the library Front Desk without first speaking to the Technical Services Librarian. The library will be unable to receive such manuscripts. You should make an appointment with the Technical Services Librarian to take care of all library-related business related to depositing your manuscript.


Questions about the thesis and dissertation process should be directed to the Tulsa Graduate College.