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PrintOU-T (wepa)


What is wepa?

wepa is a cloud-based print solution. Documents can be uploaded to the wepa cloud via a number of methods including desktops, laptops, web, and mobile devices. Once documents are uploaded to the cloud, you can go to any of the wepa print kiosks located on the OU-Tulsa campus to release your print jobs. You can learn more about wepa at

wepa is the print solution for the OU-Tulsa campus. You can learn about the print solutions for the OU Norman campus and the OUHSC campus by visiting their websites.

Where are the wepa print kiosks located?

wepa print kiosks are located at 4 locations on the OU-Tulsa campus: the 1st Floor C Hallway of the Main Building (24/7), the Schusterman Learning Center, and the Schusterman Library.

How does wepa work?

wepa kiosks work differently than traditional printers. With wepa, you can print directly from your laptop, desktop, mobile device, or flash drive!  

wepa print drivers are installed on all OU-Tulsa computer lab computers and OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library computers. You can upload print jobs to the wepa cloud directly from any lab or library desktop computer.

 How do I log-in to a wepa print kiosk?

Once you have uploaded your content to the wepa cloud and are ready to print, log into any print kiosk by typing in your OU/OUHSC username and password. You can then select to release any print job uploaded to your wepa account. You can also use your Sooner Card to log in to wepa print kiosks.

How can I pay for my print jobs?

You can pay for your wepa print jobs by using

  • wepa Credit – Log-in to your student account at to use a credit card to add wepa credit.

  • Sooner Sense – Add credit online through the Sooner Card website at Insert your Sooner Card at any kiosk to access your Sooner Sense funds.

Print costs on wepa are

black and white color          
Single-sided page: $0.09 Single-sided page: $0.35
Double-sided page: $0.16 Double-sided page: $0.68

Can members of the public print?

Members of the public can register for a guest user account at and add funds to their accounts.

Need help using wepa?

Ask any member of the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library or OU-Tulsa IT for help using the wepa print system.

What do I do if there is a problem with my print job?

For immediate assistance with technical issues, refund requests due to malfunction, or general questions about wepa, contact wepa using one of the three methods below.

1-800-675-7639 •

Have more questions about the OU-Tulsa printing policy?

Contact any member of the OU-Tulsa PrintOU-T Committee, whose membership consists of:

  • Director of Student Affairs, OU-Tulsa

  • Associate Registrar and Director, Enrollment Services, OU-Tulsa

  • Director, OU-Tulsa Information Technology

  • Director, OU-Tulsa Library

Email Stewart Brower, Director of the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library, for questions about wepa.