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Frequently Asked Questions - Using our databases and other resources

Norman students can access HSC databases if they are logged in to a computer on the Schusterman campus. This includes laptops connected to Wi-Fi. To access databases from the Norman campus, a 4x4 and password are required.

Endnote has a training video that talks about  manual data entry. You can get to that video hereYou can also go to this page for more EndNote help documents.

A faculty member has asked me to enter a list of documents into EndNote x4. If I find a link to a document online, can I get that into EndNote?

Yes, by finding the document in a library database and selecting the Export option for that particular article. This exports the citation into EndNote (or any other bibliographic citation manager.)

If you just have a list of citations, such as a bibliography in a Microsoft Word document, you won't be able to just automatically send those citations to EndNote. You must enter them manually, or find each citation in a database and export it to EndNote.

Sometimes you can import a PDF and automatically populate the fields in an EndNote record, and sometimes you can't. To import the PDF (and to see if the citation information populates) all you have to do is File -> Import -> File in EndNote. Make sure you choose the PDF option, and follow the prompts. Or, see this EndNote video that explains the process. Many of the new PDFs that the big publishers are providing include the metadata (which is the information about the article that usually ends up in a citation) as part of the PDF. So you'll have good luck with more recent articles from larger publishers. Otherwise, you'll have the pleasure of manually entering the fields for the citation.

You can access VisualDX here or by going to the Bird Library site, selecting the E-Resources tab, and scrolling down to the bottom of the Point of Care section.

You can get to the EBSCO databases --sometimes referred to as EBSCOhost or EBSCO host-- (including Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, LISTA, Social Work Abstracts, and SocIndex) by going to the Library Databases link under Research Assistance, and choosing the appropriate database.

You can find UpToDate by choosing Library Databases (under Research Assistance on the front page) -> Bird Library Databases -> and choosing UpToDate under the Point of Care heading on the page that appears.