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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to common questions here. Do you have a question that's not on this page? Contact us and we'll do our best to answer it!

We can through our ILLiad interlibrary loan service. This is a fast, free service that allows you to request any article or book at no charge. Read more about ILLiad and how to sign up for it here.

This is not a service we provide. ILLiad allows us to address each patron request in the order it was received and provides us with an efficient process for assisting everyone.

I am a university instructor. Is there someone who could come and speak to my class about doing research and using the library?

 Yes! One of the best ways for students to learn information literacy skills is in the context of research assignments for their classes. To support this, the OU-Tulsa librarians are able to consult with faculty members on class presentations customized to individual courses or academic disciplines on:

  • creating research strategies for projects
  • finding, selecting, and evaluating information resources
  • using electronic resources, including high-quality Internet sites

This works best when librarians collaborate with faculty members for research assignments designed for the course. Librarians can also create bibliographies of pertinent research sites and other tools for the course. To set up a customized instruction session for your class, contact a librarian. Please complete and submit the Instruction Request form at

Although the Schusterman Library does not charge late fees for overdue books, we will charge you for books that have not been returned after a reasonable period of time. Read more about our Lost Materials Policy on our Borrowing Privileges page.

There are some dots on the bottom, and the picture in the header looks odd. And some of the text overlaps on the front page. What's going on?

Chances are you are looking that the website in some version of Internet Explorer. We  have found that most versions of IE before version 10 have problems rendering the pages on the library website. Furthermore, a later version of IE, such as version 11, will often work just fine an off-campus computer, but will not work at all on an on-campus computer when accessing the library website.

The solution is to use a browser other than Internet Explorer. We recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The library website looks just fine in these browers.

We schedule workshops as determined by student interest. If you would like the library to conduct a workshop for you and your classmates, please contact a librarian. If you need intensive library help, you can also contact a librarian to schedule a personalized consultation.

Students, faculty, and staff can print at the library using wepa, a cloud-based printing service. Learn more about wepa at

I have a question that needs to be answered and I think it should be in this FAQ.

Contact us and we'll not only put the question on this list, but we'll answer it for you as well.

This is the website for the Schusterman Library at the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa. Our mission is to serve the students, faculty, and staff on the OU-Tulsa campus.

Tulsa City County Library offers an excellent free service called Learning Express. Learning Express contains online tutorials on subjects such as computer skills (including Microsoft Office software), some school subjects, college prep, GED, adult education, workplace skills, and more. It also offers practice tests for certain occupation exams, GED, ACT, SAT, reading skills, ASVAB, and more. You'll need a Tulsa City County Library card to use this service.

OU staff and faculty can take advantage of our campus's participation in Eighth Floor, a technology and learning center for educators offered by Tulsa Technology Center and Tulsa Community College. Eighth Floor provides training in Microsoft Office software, Photoshop, Web 2.0 and social media topics, and much more. To take an Eighth Floor class, you must register through the OU-Tulsa Human Resources Department. Contact Tricia Rahal for more information.

You can also take advantage of some other online tutorials to brush up your basic skills. Here are some resources that others have told us have been helpful for them. (The Library has not tested these tutorials.)

The OU Schusterman Library is open to the public with certain restrictions. 

  • Members of the public may come into the library and use the two computers designated for public use as long as those two computers are available and not in use by a student. The computers have restricted access and are designed for research and educational purposes. You can be logged in to our public terminals for up to one hour a day.
  • You can come into the library and use any of our databases, read any of our print materials, and user our scanners.
  • You can print using wepa, our cloud-based printing service. Learn more about printing at
  • We do not offer borrowing privileges or issue library cards to members of the public.

OK-Share is a cooperative agreement among Oklahoma institutions of higher education for sharing of library resources. OU Schusterman Library patrons with no overdue materials may obtain an OK-Share card at the Front Desk to use at other participating libraries. You can find further information and a list of participating libraries at OK-SHARE.

We have Netbooks, DVD burners, webcams, and digital projectors available for checkout. Students, faculty and staff may check them out for one week at a time, with an option for an additional one-week renewal period. Items may be renewed for one additional week.
Fees for overdue technology items will begin to accrue on the 3rd day the item is overdue. These include a non-refundable $25 Lost Item Processing fee plus the replacement cost of the item. The replacement cost only will be waived upon return of the item.
At 7 days overdue, an invoice for the total amount owed will be charged to the patron’s bursar account if a Norman patron. If an HSC patron, a block will be placed on the patron’s registrar account.

Drinks with secure lids are allowed everywhere in the library. Food is allowed only in small portions, and only in areas that are away from the computers, the printers, and the collection itself. All patrons are expected to clean up after themselves and to keep their workspaces clean. Any library staff member may ask a patron to remove food from the library at any time for any reason. Patrons who wish to plan events with food in the library must have permission from the Library Director beforehand.

The library has three group study rooms for the use of OU-Tulsa students, faculty, and staff. Rooms can be reserved for periods of up to three hours. To schedule a reservation, please consult the library's AskHere Desk at 918-660-3228, or visit one of the staff members at the AskHere Desk.

Norman students can access HSC databases if they are logged in to a computer on the Schusterman campus. This includes laptops connected to Wi-Fi. To access databases from the Norman campus, a 4x4 and password are required.

Endnote has a training video that talks about  manual data entry. You can get to that video hereYou can also go to this page for more EndNote help documents.

A faculty member has asked me to enter a list of documents into EndNote x4. If I find a link to a document online, can I get that into EndNote?

Yes, by finding the document in a library database and selecting the Export option for that particular article. This exports the citation into EndNote (or any other bibliographic citation manager.)

If you just have a list of citations, such as a bibliography in a Microsoft Word document, you won't be able to just automatically send those citations to EndNote. You must enter them manually, or find each citation in a database and export it to EndNote.

Sometimes you can import a PDF and automatically populate the fields in an EndNote record, and sometimes you can't. To import the PDF (and to see if the citation information populates) all you have to do is File -> Import -> File in EndNote. Make sure you choose the PDF option, and follow the prompts. Or, see this EndNote video that explains the process. Many of the new PDFs that the big publishers are providing include the metadata (which is the information about the article that usually ends up in a citation) as part of the PDF. So you'll have good luck with more recent articles from larger publishers. Otherwise, you'll have the pleasure of manually entering the fields for the citation.

You can access VisualDX here or by going to the Bird Library site, selecting the E-Resources tab, and scrolling down to the bottom of the Point of Care section.

You can get to the EBSCO databases --sometimes referred to as EBSCOhost or EBSCO host-- (including Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, LISTA, Social Work Abstracts, and SocIndex) by going to the Library Databases link under Research Assistance, and choosing the appropriate database.

You can find UpToDate by choosing Library Databases (under Research Assistance on the front page) -> Bird Library Databases -> and choosing UpToDate under the Point of Care heading on the page that appears.

The OU Schusterman Library does not have the book or article I need. How do I get it?

You can order a book or an article several ways.

  • ILLiad - All OU-Tulsa faculty, students and staff can order material through ILLiad, the library’s online ordering system. Create or log on to your ILLiad to order articles, books chapters, and books.
  • WorldCat/Firstsearch/ArticleFirst databases - If you have found a book or article through the OU Schusterman Library’s WorldCat, FirstSearch or ArticleFirst database (through our Library Catalogs or Library Databases links), you can use the ILL link next to the citation that will send the request directly to ILLiad. Clicking this link will direct you to the ILLiad logon page, where you can proceed to order the item. The biggest advantage to using this method is that you do not have to type in a citation—all citation information is automatically entered for you.
  • Ovid - If you have located an item through any of the OVID databases, available through our Library Databases link, you can use the order link for that item to directly order it. Again, there is no need for you to enter citation information if you use this method. Please be sure to select to have the material delivered to the OU-Tulsa campus or else you will be charged for the material. This request goes directly to your ILLiad account.
  • PubMed - Faculty and staff who wish to order citations through PubMed should inquire about using the National Library of Medicine’s Loansome Doc service. Citations that you ordered through Loansome Doc go directly to your ILLiad account. This service is free to OU-Tulsa full-time faculty, resident physicians and staff, and can result in faster delivery of desired articles. Please call 660-3225 to get more information about Loansome Doc.

To renew your interlibrary loan book, log in to your ILLiad account and click the “Checked out items” option. Then, click on the transaction number next to the book that you wish to renew. Finally, click on the “Request Renew” link to request a renewal. You will receive a confirmation email containing your new due date after the lending library has renewed the book. Sometimes the lending library will not renew the book. In that case, we will notify you, and you will have to return the book to the OU Schusterman Library.

Our experience shows that many non-OU email addresses have spam-blocking software that rejects library notices. We have found that it is more efficient to use OU email addresses for notification, leading to better overall service to everyone. Also, it is University policy for departments to use students’ OU email addresses.

  • When your interlibrary loan order arrives, whether it is a book or an article, the OU Schusterman Library sends you a notice via your OU email address. If you don’t check your OU email address, then you will not see the notice.
  • You may have ordered material through the Bizzell Library or Bird Library web sites. Each of these libraries offers its own interlibrary loan and document delivery services. These services are designed for patrons in Norman and Oklahoma City. Therefore, if you placed an order from Bizzell or Bird, that library will be holding your materials in Norman or Oklahoma City.
  • If you are located in Tulsa, be sure to use the OU-Tulsa ILLiad service to get materials delivered here. Contact our Interlibrary Loan office at 918-660-3225 for additional help.
  • Also, don't forget that you can check on the status of your OU-Tulsa ILLiad interlibrary loan order by logging into your ILLiad account and checking your outstanding request status, which appears on the front page of your account. If you don't see your materials there, call our Interlibrary Loan office for assistance.

If you have previously signed up for an ILLiad account, your username will be your OU email address. When creating a new account, be sure to enter your email in all lowercase letters. For questions or to have your password reset, please email Vicki Ford or call (918) 660-3225.

I need an article that is not available through the OU Library. How can I get it?

Order your book or article at no charge here. Or you can read more about our ILLiad interlibrary loan and document delivery system.

To get full text of articles, it's best to order them through Interlibrary loan. We have a speedy service--our ILL department is set up to deliver articles fairly quickly for faculty and staff. We can deliver almost any article to you through Interlibrary Loan. It doesn't matter if it's something we have here in the library or something we have to get from someplace else. If you can't get a PDF online, order it through us.

If you use the library catalog to search for articles, you can often find links to full-text there. If not, there's a convenient Interlibrary Loan link attached to every article title. The advantage to using that particular link is that it will populate the ILL form for you once you log on.

Also, there are ways to order articles through us while you're searching PubMed or Ovid. These methods are very simple but involve a little bit of up-front setup, so let us know if you're interested and we can show you what to do.

OVID has several databases, including Medline, which is the premier health sciences database in the world with over 20 million indexed items. It is maintained by the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine and is the most comprehensive source of research articles available. Medline is MUCH more than review and is probably the best source for research. You can also access Medline through PubMed, so either one would work as a source for research articles. There are several databases in OVID besides Medline, including the Cochrane databases for evidenced-based medicine, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, Embase (another good health sciences database), databases dealing with allied health and complementary medicine, ERIC (which is an education database), and PsycInfo. In EBSCO, another set of databases we have, you will find nursing-related articles in CINAHL.

Can I make an appointment for a research consultation?

Yes! Stop by the library and ask for help. Any of the staff at the Front Desk can help you with your research. You can also email one of our reference librarians, or, to make a research consultation appointment.

The Schusterman Library has style manuals available on Reserve. The Library team is available to help you use these books and may also suggest online tools.

The document Reporting Results of Common Statistical Tests in APA Format can give you some information about how to report your statistics in APA format. The attached socument is a PDF file.

The library has the most recent editions of Chicago Manual of Style, the APA Style Manual and the MLA Handbook - available on reserve at the Front Desk. In addition, there is a variety of helpful resources listed on our Writing Support website. Library staff will do their best to help with Word, PowerPoint or any other software questions, but are unable to handle all technology questions.

Yes! It is listed under IBM SPSS in the Start Menu.