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Add the Schusterman Library widget to your D2L course

Adding the Schusterman Library widget to your D2L course allows your students to have direct access to the library catalog and popular library features while they're in the course. Follow these instructions to add the Library widget to your courses:




Apps are just like regular computer applications except that they are meant for your cell phone or personal digital assistant, including (but not limited to) the iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm Pilot. These applications allow you to see full-screen applications and web pages in a PDA-sized window. Many of these applications are free, but some do cost money.



Learn about the EndNote bibliographic management software, and get your own copy. EndNote lets you manage the citations that you find in databases, helps keep them organized, allows you to store PDF copies of articles in one place, and assists you in construction perfect in-text citations, bibliographies, and reference lists in Microsoft Word.

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