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Writing Services

Services include:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Assignment clarification and research preparation
  • Draft review for form and organization
  • Development suggestions
  • Answers to APA and MLA style questions
  • Grammar and usage guidelines



  • No editing or proof-reading
  • No guaranteed or suggested grades
  • No reading abnormally long papers in a single meeting
  • No assistance with comprehensive exams ("comps")
Citation Help

Here you'll find links to reliable sources to help you format your citations, such as the official APA website, and discipline-specific manuscript preparation guides.

How Writing Services Reviews Your Papers Learn how Writing Services use Microsoft Word's Track Changes features for your papers.
Send a file or question to OU-Tulsa Writing Services Use this form to submit papers and other writing to the OU-Tulsa Writing Services team.
Writing Services Resources

Here you'll find resources to help you with your writing assignments, such as online dictionaries, guides to evaluating internet sources, and links to reputable and helpful grammar and paper-writing advice.

Writing Services Turnaround Times We estimate turnaround times based on the length of your paper.